It's Complicated

Find 2 therapists practicing Transactional analysis

Transactional Analysis has its roots in psychoanalysis, CBT and Gestalt therapy. It offers an accessible theory of human development, personality and social interactions. This therapy approach aims to understand why we may be stuck in unfulfilling behaviour and repetitive patterns.

This therapy is based on the belief that our past has a profound influence on how we are in the present. It focuses on the relationships individuals experience in their formative years and which are influencing their life in the here and now. Transactional Analysis aims to understand and improve how people relate to others and to themselves. Transactional Analysis centres around the concepts of Ego States (Parent-Adult-Child) and life scripts and the analysis of verbal and non-verbal interactions. It is based on the thought that people decide their own story and destiny (script) and believes that these decisions can be changed. In therapy client and therapist will explore and deal with the negative consequences of past experiences in order to create the conditions needed for growth and fulfilment.

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