Online therapy made simple

Developed by therapists for therapists, our GDPR-secure video tool for high-quality remote video sessions with your clients. No downloads needed.

Simple and therapy-centered

The video system is designed by therapists for therapists. The focus is on high-resolution video, clear audio and a simple interface, with features such as easily hiding your own picture during the session. It also works with any browser, so you don’t need to install anything new.


GDPR-safe and secure

Our encrypted messaging service meets the latest standards for secure communication, for you and your clients' safety.

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Keep all of your work in one place

Most therapists use multiple platforms to manage their private practice. We’ve made it easy to bring your existing clients to join the platform, so you can do online sessions, take notes, schedule appointments, and message your clients – all in one, safe place.

Private And Secure

Security Measures

It's Complicated was developed during a day and age when people have begun taking the question of data privacy and security seriously. Therefore we haven't had to adapt our platform to GDPR and encryption standards, but have proper security principles built into it from the start. At the core of It's Complicated is an understanding of how important it is to be able to exchange personal thoughts in a private, secure space.

Encryption of conversation

All video calls had through It's Complicated are encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standards (AES), and all visits are encrypted, whether you use a desktop computer or your mobile device. This allows you to safely use It's Complicated for video calls even if you are connected to wifi from an open, public hotspot.

At the beginning of each session, our system will create random keys for encryption and will change them regularly during the conversation to maintain the highest level of security imaginable


Encryption of transaction data

On our platform, we use SSL certificates to create an encrypted connection between the user and the platform, which ensures that, for example, when you write a message, update a journal, write a note, change your profile or hold a video call, all data will be sent over a secure protocol.

Security of stored data

All stored data is encrypted and stored in our data centers on several different levels. The more barriers and different systems we have created between the outside world and your data, the more secure they are.

In addition, all our data is stored on servers in Europe, where our processes are fully compliant with all GDPR rules.

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