Serbian-speaking therapists

Finding a therapist who speaks Serbian can be complicated. That's why we've collected all the Serbian-speaking therapists doing both online and in-person sessions here.

Did you know that studies have been made which show that doing therapy in your mother tongue is more effective than doing nonnative therapy?

When therapy happens in your native language, it can be easier to express your full story complete with emotions and culturally bound details. So rather than searching for a therapist with a specific approach, like CBT, psychoanalysis, or Gestalt therapy, you can simply begin your search by looking for a counsellor who speaks your native language.

It's Complicated It's Complicated
Natali Dizdar

Accredited Gestalt and Integrative Psychotherapist in London

Everything we need to heal is inside ourselves. My approa....

Slobodan Nikolić

Accredited Psychotherapist in Belgrade

Psychodynamic psychotherapy helps you make desired change....

Sofia Dobricic

M. Sc. Psychologist in London

I believe that the mindset is an incredible tool where wi....

Teodora Delic

Accredited Gestalt Psychotherapist, M.Psych(Gest) in Belgrade

Therapy in English & Serbian | LGBTQ+ friendly | Anxiety....

Vladimir Zujovic

Psychological Counsellor in Belgrade

English-speaking Psychologist, and a Gestalt Psychotherap....

Uros Rajakovic

MSc Psychologist - Psychotherapist in Belgrade

I am an experienced therapist (12+ years). I have experie....

Andrej Todorovic

M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology and Psychodynamic Counsellor in Berlin

As a psychoanalytically oriented counsellor I tend to hel....

Maja Dekic Djelic

Psychoanalytic therapist, Group Analyst, Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie in Berlin

After over fifteen years of my clinical and therapeutic e....

Emina Osmanovic Basic

CBT Therapist, Psychological Counsellor and Coach in Cologne

I am a psychologist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, now livi....

Senada Mesic

Clinical Psychologist in Berlin

If interested in working together with a soulful, soul-or....

Dino Antunovic

M.Sc Health Psychologist in Berlin

I am here to create a safe place on your personal journey....

Ana Morin

Couples and Sex therapist (HeilprG) in Berlin

Reduce anxiety around sex & relationships. Create emotio....

Branka Mlinar

Clinical Psychologist / Gestalt therapist in Belgrade

Therapy in English and in Serbian. Experience working wi....

Milica Stanisavljevic

Psychologist and Systemic Therapist in Novi Sad

If you would like to work on your self-esteem, relationsh....