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Whether you're looking for a psychologist, psychotherapist, couples therapist, or coach in Blackrock – It's Complicated has the perfect match for you, available online and in-person. Because life is complicated enough, but finding a therapist in Blackrock shouldn't be.

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The connection and therapeutic alliance to one's therapist is the most important factor for a successful outcome. Our in-house psychologists will help you find the right match based on your individual background and needs.Our psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors offer therapy in English, German, and more than 90 other languages. They are available to meet you online or in person and can help you with depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, and more.It's Complicated is built and owned by therapists. Since starting in Berlin 2019 we have grown organically into an international platform with local therapist communities in cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Lisbon, London, and New York.

About It's Complicated

In 2019, two therapists set out to tackle a complicated problem.

The psychiatrist Carl Jung once wrote that, “Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble”. One does not have to be a therapist, though, to realize that life is complicated. But finding the right therapist, who you can build a strong relationship with, shouldn’t have to be. This is the founding principle of It’s Complicated.Since our start, we've helped over 23,000 clients and counting, offering thousands of free crisis support hours, and built thriving therapy communities in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Munich, and Athens.

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Looking for a therapist in Blackrock? Explore our platform to browse through our experienced team of therapists and psychologists based in Blackrock, and use our hassle-free online booking system for appointments. To learn how to go about selecting the perfect therapist, read our guide here. If there aren’t many therapists listed in Blackrock yet, don’t worry! Many of our listed therapists offer online counselling as an option. Online private therapy services, couples counselling, or coaching, can be found by using the filter for online therapists in our main directory. If you need some more help in finding a qualified therapist, It’s Complicated offers a free matching service, where our in-house therapists will try to find the best match for you based on your individual needs and preferences.

How to find a therapist in Blackrock

The philosophy of It’s Complicated proudly contains both accessibility and diversity at its heart, and we understand that there are many reasons why you might feel more comfortable with a counsellor who shares similar demographics. If you have specific preferences for your therapist, you can use our built-in therapy search filters to find the right fit for you. Search for English-speaking therapists in Blackrock by filtering by language in the search tool here in our directory of licensed professionals and discover other filter options such as:

  • gender
  • identity
  • religion
  • ethnic background
  • sexual orientation
  • or therapeutic approach

It’s Complicated: Counselling worldwide

For many of us, there's never a more important time than now to nurture our mental health. If you are interested in therapy to assist you in improving your life quality we operate in nearly 100 languages, offering both online and in-person sessions. With a diverse network of over 1,500 mental health professionals spanning 80+ countries, including Ireland, you can easily connect with accredited psychologists in Blackrock and beyond.

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