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Coaching has a broad definition, and is traditionally associated with sports. In the last decade, however, coaching can apply to every area of life, from career and business to love and health.

In essence, coaching means helping a person change in a way that is meaningful to them, and supporting them in the direction they'd like to go. Usually, a coaching process involves building awareness, empowering choice, and hereby helping a person achieve their goals in their life and work.

Therapists for Coaching

Wolfgang Heine

Analyst in Berlin

All the potential disturbances facing us today – including relationship issues, loss of meaning and purpose, depressions and fears – can be seen as an creative instrument of the psyche to re-establish the lost balance.

Offers Online Sessions


Coach in Berlin

I will help you find the balance between personal and professional life.

Offers Online Sessions

Rosie Evans

Positive Psychology Coach in Berlin

Collaborate with Rosie to navigate your self-discovery and growth with mindfulness, compassion and insights from positive psychology.

Offers Online Sessions

Jan Kaspers

Clinical Psychologist in Berlin

Clinical psychologist working with a focus on authenticity.

Offers Online Sessions

Bo Mérei

Integral Counselor & Systemic Coach in Berlin

As a counselor (integral psych.

Offers Online Sessions

Frank Pfitzner

Psychodynamic therapist in Rixdorf

The knowledge about recovery as well as your personal solutions lie within you.

Kevin Monaghan

Counsellor in Frankfurt

Pluralistic Counsellor offering in-person and online counselling to english-speaking individuals.

Offers Online Sessions

Alastair Roberts

CBT Therapist, Psychological Counsellor and Coach in Berlin

I am a UK accredited CBT/REBT Therapist, Psychological Counsellor and coach, with about 10 years of experience, practising in Berlin and online.

Offers Online Sessions

Valentina Calandra

Psychological Counsellor in Berlin

As a trained psychological counsellor, I offer counselling for individuals and couples.

Offers Online Sessions

Dirk Stemper

Psychotherapist, Specialist for Internal Medicine in Berlin

As a specialised doctor in internal medicine and psychotherapy, I am dedicated to assisting people from all walks of life navigate healing and achieve positive change.

Offers Online Sessions

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