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Adolescence is the period of transition between childhood and adulthood. It includes some big changes—to the body, and to the way a young person relates to the world. The many physical, sexual, cognitive, social, and emotional changes that happen during this time can bring anticipation and anxiety for both children and their families. Adolescent psychology is an area in which psychologists, therapists and counsellors can choose to specialize to better understand and treat developmental issues, sociocultural impacts, and biological influences that cause mental health problems in adolescents.

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Anna Zilberman

Clinical Psychologist in Berlin

There comes a time when help is needed from a professional to cope with many....

Marisa Zucca

MSc Psychologist in Berlin

As a psychologist I give importance to the reading of events and I believe th....

Hilmi Kaan

Psychological Counsellor in Istanbul

A Turkish and English speaking psychologist and a trainee clinical psychologi....

Lacey Mashinter

Counsellor in Berlin

As a U.S. licensed therapist with over 15 years of experience, I specialize i....

Jack Wilson

Integrative Counsellor in Berlin

I am an Integrative Counsellor offering 1-2-1 therapy. Originally from the UK....

Inês Felgueiras

MSc Clinical Psychology in Berlin

I aim to provide a relational context for the construction of secure and crea....

Enrica Sarotto

Italian and English speaking counsellor in Hamburg

As an Italian psychologist, I offer counseling for adults, adolescents, child....

Nicolás Lorenzini

Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist, Doctor in Psychology in Berlin

Therapy in English or Español. Adults & Adolescents. Expertise in depression,....

Rahel Goenner

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in Málaga

As a psychonanlytic psychotherapist with intercultural expertise I support gl....

Giannis Liatsikos

Psychologist in Berlin

Clinical Psychologist / Psychodynamic approach (Greek-speaking). Aiming at th....

Hannah Schievelkamp

Clinical Psychologist in Cologne

As a clinical psychologist with a training in movement therapy I help people ....

Blanka Leeker

US Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#86290) in Berlin

Experience working with a wide range of psychological issues within many cult....