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Attachment theory describes the dynamics of interpersonal relationships in the moments of separation, loss and threat. Four different attachment classifications/styles have been identified: secure, anxious, avoidant and disorganized. These styles, which have the basis in the child-caregiver dynamics experienced in infancy and childhood, are carried out to adulthood. They manifest themselves in the patterns and behaviors of adult close and romantic relationships.

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Madeleine Herzog

Couples and Sex Therapist in Berlin

As a Couples and Sex Therapist my work is to create a space for couples and singles to navigate through the constant change and flows of relationships and sexual connections.

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Irina Furman

Psychologist in Munich

Offering consultations to give you ground, treat pain and suffering, live rich experiences and find ways to self express.

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Amalie Vatne Brean

Psychologist in Copenhagen

As a clinical psychologist I see trust and curiosity as key words.

Anne Zirkler

Psychodynamic therapist in Berlin

My main objective in psychotherapy is to support individuals in reconnecting with their authentic Selves – i.

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Rosanna Wendel

M. Sc. Clinical Psychologist, EFT Couples Therapy in Berlin

Therapy for couples and individuals in German and English.

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Daniel Holbach

Body psychotherapist in Berlin

Our body can be our anchor, our bridge to experiencing and remembering.

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Jennifer Barton

Humanistic and Integrative Therapist in Cork

As an online english and german speaking psychotherapist, my work focuses on supporting individuals in the navigation of chaos, trouble and suffering that everyday life entails.

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Rahel Goenner

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in Málaga

As a psychonanlytic psychotherapist with intercultural expertise I support globally mobile individuals and their families from my online practice.

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Mikko Karhulahti

Clinical Psychologist / Gestalt therapist in Berlin

I’m specialized in attachment theory, relationships, and psychedelic integration therapy.

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Maria Lolo

Psychologist in Germany

My background in Neuropsychology and my training in body-oriented techniques have allowed me to develop an approach that tends to psychological, physical and spiritual needs.

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