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Dream analysis

Dream analysis is the interpretation of dreams to explore their underlying meanings. Jungian dream analysis relies on the notion that dreams reveal more than they conceal and that they are a natural expression of our imagination.

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Find a therapist or counsellor that can help with Dream analysis

María Ferrara

Multidisciplinary Gestalt Facilitator in Berlin

Support and skills development to face circumstantial, emotional and existent....

Leticia Abade

jungian psychologist in São Paulo

Life is so much more than the conscious mind, we can find ourselves when we f....

Rachel Marsden

Art therapist in Berlin

Art Therapy provides an alternative to traditional talk therapy. Issues can b....

Rotem Hess

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in Vienna

As a psychonanlytic psychotherapist with extensive intercultural experience I....

Harald De Bondt

Dance Movement Psychotherapist/Body therapist in Elsene

Living and playing in the woods of Brussels, I work as a dance/movement thera....

Marzia Santori Reay

Jungian Analyst in Rome

As a multilingual multicultural psychoanalyst in Rome and London my work is ....

Edyta Drozd

Counsellor in Tulsa

My name is Edyta, and I practise from a lovely therapy room in South West Lon....

Amanda Teixeira Abade

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist in São Paulo

In my work I see each person with its owns particularities and no judgments. ....

Roisin Tangney

Jungian psychoanalyst in-training in Berlin

Deep work in a safe space - I offer depth psychological counselling, includin....