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Dream analysis

Dream analysis is the interpretation of dreams to explore their underlying meanings. Jungian dream analysis relies on the notion that dreams reveal more than they conceal and that they are a natural expression of our imagination.

It's Complicated It's Complicated
Melissa Daum

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in New York, Psychoanalyst in training in New York

I'm an English speaking therapist based in NYC. I have a background in Jungia....

María Ferrara

Multidisciplinary Gestalt Facilitator in Berlin

Support and skills development to face circumstantial, emotional and existent....

Rotem Hess

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in Vienna

As a psychonanlytic psychotherapist with extensive intercultural experience I....

Roisin Tangney

Jungian psychoanalyst in-training in Berlin

Deep work in a safe space for profound transformation and self-knowledge - I ....