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Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is an experiential and existential form of psychotherapy that emphasizes personal responsibility and utilizes a rich palette of present-centred and artistic interventions. The focus is on interpersonal, intrapersonal and relational growth.

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Find a therapist or counsellor that can help with Gestalt therapy

Vera Fleischer

CA Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Cologne

As a therapist working with communication, patterns and insecurities, I like ....

Beate Nink

Psychologist, HP Psychotherapy, Gestalttherapist, Supervisor in Berlin

As a Gestalttherapist with 20 years of experience I support people of all nat....

Jammie Martin

Clinical Transpersonal Psychotherapist in Berlin

As an English-speaking Transpersonal Psychotherapist, I take an integrative, ....

Anne Zirkler

Psychodynamic therapist in Berlin

My main objective in psychotherapy is to support individuals in reconnecting ....

Ruth Andoh-Baxter

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in Dorking

English-speaking Psychotherapeutic Counsellor based in the United Kingdom. Ch....

Branka Mlinar

Clinical Psychologist / Gestalt therapist in Belgrade

Therapy in English and in Serbian. Experience working with problems of anxie....

María Ferrara

Multidisciplinary Gestalt Facilitator in Berlin

Support and skills development to face circumstantial, emotional and existent....

Jessica Breitenfeld

Gestalt Therapist, Emotional IQ corporate trainer. in Berlin

My clients are usually women who want better men. They learn how to manage th....

Zoi Theofilakou

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist in Berlin

Therapy is a creative means to the end of discovering one's unique way of enj....

Mikko Karhulahti

Clinical Psychologist / Gestalt therapist in Berlin

I’m specialized in attachment theory and relationships. Counselling, consulta....

Heinz Kroells

Gestalt therapist / Heilpraktiker (Psychotherapie) in Cologne

I am an experienced Gestalt therapist working with adult individuals and coup....

Irina Furman

Psychologist in Munich

Offering consultations to give you ground, treat pain and suffering, live ric....

Chrystal Nelthropp

Holistic Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Portland

I offer online counselling and coaching to clients Internationally. Artists, ....

Fanny Isnard Persson

Gestalt therapist in Osby

Hi! Hej! Bonjour! We can work together, particularly if you feel stuck, if yo....