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Insomnia is a sleep disorder where you have trouble falling or staying asleep, and it's one of the torments most likely reserved for only humankind. Somnus was the Roman God of sleep, and “in-“ is the Latin prefix for negation. Different philosophers and scientists have approached insomnia throughout history and it has been mainly discussed as a byproduct of other issues, i.e. a co-existing symptom of general dissatisfaction with life, accumulation of sexual tension (Freudian anxiety neurosis), obsessiveness (inability of letting go, fear of losing control), death anxiety or death concerns (interestingly, Somnus was a brother of Death, named Mors), attachment difficulties and relational losses. People suffering from insomnia may also experience symptoms of fatigue, low energy, difficulty concentrating, irritability, decreased performance in work or at school, and a depressed mood.

Since insomnia can have a very direct and major effect on our daily lives, it has become a common practice to treat it with medication. However, regardless of whether you take prescribed chemical pills or natural baldrian drops, perhaps even having a glass or two of wine before bed, this initial alleviation can close the door to uncovering its message. Think of it as a chain of alarms that your 'body-mind' sets off when your system is in distress. Just snoozing an alarm for 5 minutes doesn’t mean the alarm won't ring again. And even if you managed to somehow turn it off for now, it might start ringing in another form or with another tune at another later time. This is when therapy comes into play. Regardless of the modality, therapy tries to follow the 'chain of alarms’. Therapy works with what has been setting the alarms off in the first place.

So, if you are struggling with insomnia and wish to explore its roots then consider starting a therapy process. You might even be able to snooze the insomnia alarm for good.

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Find a therapist or counsellor that can help with Insomnia

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