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Panic attacks

Panic attacks are sudden episodes of intense fear that may include sweating, palpitations, shaking, shortness of breath, numbness, or worry that something bad will happen. There are many ways to treat panic attacks therapeutically.

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Find a therapist or counsellor that can help with Panic attacks

Natali Dizdar

Accredited Gestalt Therapist, Counsellor and Integrative Psychotherapist for children and adolescents in London

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Diego Tzoymaher

CBT Therapist, Clinical Psychologist in Buenos Aires

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Julieta Fiorentino

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Dr. Janina Botsford

Dr. phil. Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapist in Berlin

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Dimitrios Tsiakos

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Adam Luczak

Psychological Counsellor & Psychoanalyst in Berlin

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Maximiliano Jozami

Psychologist in Berlin

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Silke Claßen

Systemic (Family-) Therapist (SG) in Berlin

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Gamze Tekin

CBT Therapist, Clinical Psychologist in Istanbul

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Gemma Autumn

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CA Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in New York

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