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It's Complicated It's Complicated
Dilara Düven Kaan

Clinical Psychologist in Istanbul

Turkish and English speaking, psychodynamic-oriented clinical psychologist fr....

Marisa Zucca

MSc Psychologist in Berlin

As a psychologist I give importance to the reading of events and I believe th....

Ally Guida Smith

CA Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland

I have been working for 15 years with teens and adults in English and Spanish....

Chloé Huth

CBT Therapist, Psychological Counsellor and Coach in Berlin

My work follows a dynamic process which considers you with a global point of ....

Alon Dinur

Psychologist, CBT therapist, Parents guide, Couple therapist in Berlin

I’m an experienced Educational Psychologist, a CBT therapist, and a Couple th....

Hilmi Kaan

Psychological Counsellor in Kadıköy

A Turkish and English speaking psychologist and a trainee clinical psychologi....

Sylvia Franz

Coach in Berlin

As a systemic coach I'd love to support you through coaching in urban nature ....