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It's Complicated It's Complicated

Find a therapist or counsellor that can help with Spirituality

Halja Pilvisto

Psychologist in Tallinn

Existential orientation. I am an online psychologist for foreigners living ab....

Cas Hebbink

Psychological Counsellor in Berlin

As a counsellor, I attempt to create a growth-facilitating environment in whi....

Bárbara Aros Mualin

Holistic Psychotherapist with a gender approach, therapist in Barcelona

I am an intersectional feminist psychologist with a holistic approach (analyt....

Sophie Merrison

Dance Movement Psychotherapist/Body therapist in Berlin

I am a dance movement therapist and offer a space for exploring yourself on a....

Senada Mesic

Clinical Psychologist in Berlin

If interested in working together with a soulful, soul-oriented, psychologist....

Frank Pfitzner

Psychodynamic therapist in Berlin

The knowledge about recovery as well as your personal solutions lie within yo....

Leticia Abade

jungian psychologist in São Paulo

Life is so much more than the conscious mind, we can find ourselves when we f....

Anila Babla

Psychotherapist / Counsellor & Art Therapist in London

Life sometimes throws us curve balls and I provide a listening ear and non-ju....