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Systemic therapy

Systemic therapy recognises that individuals are always embedded in their social context and aims to work with people not only on the level of the individual, but as people in relationships. From this follows that systemic therapy deals a lot with people's interactional patterns and dynamics.

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Petros Stathakos

Psychologist, Psychotherapist (HPG), Couples therapist in Berlin

One of my basic beliefs is that the client carries the solution to his problem/concern in himself.

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Katrin Schuy

Psychologist and Systemic Therapist in Berlin

I am a psychologist and systemic therapist who works with men, women, couples and families.

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Claudia Dzaack

Couples and Sex Therapist in Berlin

I put a high value on providing an atmosphere characterized by trust, acceptance and candor.

Olga Coronado

Clinical Psychologist / Gestalt therapist in Berlin

Spanish and Catalan psychologist in Berlin.

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