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Transactional analysis is a therapeutic approach that examines an individual's personality and interpersonal relationships through the analysis of transactions, or social interactions, to promote personal growth and effective communication. If you are looking for a practitioner experienced in transactional analysis, It's Complicated has the perfect match for you, available online and in-person. Because life is complicated, but finding a therapist shouldn't be.

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The connection and therapeutic alliance to one's therapist is the most important factor for a successful outcome. Our in-house psychologists will help you find the right match based on your individual background and needs.Our psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors offer therapy in English, German, and more than 90 other languages. They are available to meet you online or in person and can help you with depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, and more.It's Complicated is built and owned by therapists. Since starting in Berlin 2019 we have grown organically into an international platform with local therapist communities in cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Lisbon, London, and New York.

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About It's Complicated

In 2019, two therapists set out to tackle a complicated problem.

The psychiatrist Carl Jung once wrote that, “Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble”. One does not have to be a therapist, though, to realize that life is complicated. But finding the right therapist, who you can build a strong relationship with, shouldn’t have to be. This is the founding principle of It’s Complicated.Since our start, we've helped over 23,000 clients and counting, offering thousands of free crisis support hours, and built thriving therapy communities in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Munich, and Athens.

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Transactional analysis and its applications

Transactional analysis (TA) focuses on understanding the patterns of communication, behaviour, and relationships that individuals engage in. It is used to help people gain insight into their interpersonal dynamics and make positive changes in their lives. Transactional analysis is beneficial for individuals seeking to improve communication skills, resolve conflicts, overcome relationship challenges, address issues such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, and enhance personal growth and development.


How transactional analysis works 

Transactional analysis typically involves examining the transactions or interactions between individuals and identifying the underlying ego states that drive these interactions. Ego states, comprising Parent, Adult, and Child modes, influence how individuals perceive and respond to situations. Through self-awareness and analysis of ego states, individuals can better understand their patterns of behaviour and communication. During therapy sessions, the therapist helps the individual recognise and modify unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving. Techniques such as role-playing, dialogue, and transactional diagrams are used to explore and reshape interpersonal dynamics. By gaining insight into their ego states and learning to communicate more effectively, individuals can improve their relationships and overall well-being.


Is transactional analysis right for you?

Transactional analysis may be suitable for individuals who are interested in understanding and improving their interpersonal relationships and communication skills. If you are seeking to address relationship issues, enhance self-awareness, and develop healthier ways of relating to others, transactional analysis could be a valuable approach. It's important to discuss your needs and goals with a qualified transactional analysis therapist to determine if this approach aligns with your preferences and therapeutic objectives. Additionally, considering your readiness to explore and change your interpersonal dynamics can help you decide if transactional analysis is the right fit for you.

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