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Sometimes it's when you're moving from A to B, or when you're suddenly forced to change, that you most need a helping hand. In these cases, finding a therapist who knows what a person who is in the middle of a transition needs can be particularly helpful.

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Rosie Evans

Positive Psychology Coach in Berlin

Collaborate with Rosie to navigate your self-discovery and growth with mindfulness, compassion and insights from positive psychology.

Offers Online Sessions

Wiebke Pausch

Art Therapist and Creative Coach in Berlin

My work is based on Creativity, Embodiment and Mindfulness, offering you a clear and warm-hearted support through challenging life situations and transitions, like midlife, separation and new beginnings.

Offers Online Sessions

Aditi Kulkarni Duggal

Counsellor in Berlin

As a trained counsellor with over 7 years’ experience, I support clients in overcoming challenges and building resilience in a safe, professional setting.

Offers Online Sessions

Julieta Fiorentino

Psychologist in Berlin

I offer therapy in Spanish and English.

Offers Online Sessions

Sarah-Jane Ryan

Psychological Counsellor in Berlin

*Currently online sessions only* My approach to therapy centres on creating a trusting and collaborative relationship in which you can achieve greater self-knowledge and devise more effective ways of moving forward.

Offers Online Sessions


Clinical Psychologist in Berlin

**Temporarily discounts for online sessions** Psychologist dedicated to assisting people from all walks of life navigate healing, choose their narratives and live lives of meaning and purpose.

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Frank Pfitzner

Psychodynamic therapist in Berlin

The knowledge about recovery as well as your personal solutions lie within you.

David Pulice

Psychologist in Berlin

Back to the office starting the 15th of July in a new location Psychologist since 2004, I'm French and work in French and English (German, only for Jobcoaching).

Offers Online Sessions

Matias Garber

Art therapist in Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

I accompany processes of growth and deconstruction with proposals of creative exploration: artistic languages as tools to connect with your creativity and transform patterns, mandates and mechanisms.

Offers Online Sessions

Jakob Lusensky

Jungian psychoanalyst in Berlin

My work aims to help individuals find purpose and restore meaning in their life.

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