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Jakob Lusensky

Psychoanalyst & Product Developer

Jakob is a Jungian Analyst with a private practice in Berlin. Besides his work with patients, he engages in projects at the intersection of psychology, culture, and technology. To It's Complicated he brings fifteen years of experience in starting and managing companies. If you have a dream, he can help you build a world around it, both literally and symbolically.

Johanne Schwensen

Clinical Psychologist & Content Manager

Johanne is a private practicing psychologist who loves stories. Listening to stories, telling stories, writing stories and helping her clients create stories that help them move through the currents of their lives. She creates content for It’s Complicated to satisfy this passion, and through this process she hopes to engage therapists and clients alike.

Christoph Nissen

Data Engineer & Project Manager

Christoph brings to the table the software engineer’s perspective on how to build new products from scratch, how to work in an agile team and how to deliver complex development tasks on time and budget.

Jewe Pasch

Lead Developer & Designer

Jewe is a creative developer with a background in hardware, software, and design. For more than ten years he is solving one challenge after another. You need a smart-toaster that controls your room temperature? Probably his job.

Ana Schmidt

Community Manager & Therapy Consultant

Ana is a graduate psychologist with experiences in both clinical and organisational setting. She is committed to supporting those who seek mental healthcare to connect with the right therapist, as well as supporting therapists in building, growing and managing their practice through It's Complicated.